Galileo UART and Arduino Serial* objects mapping

Update 13-Jul-2014: Corrected part about Serial2, as it’s now supported by Intel’s Arduino IDE. Galileo, being a Linux-based computer, uses standard Linux names and drivers for hardware and virtual serial devices that are available on the board. There are two UARTs in the Quark SoC itself + there’s a virtual device created by cdc-acm driver for communications with the IDE. … Continue reading

Package repo, opkg and “unzip: Invalid gzip magic” error

Looks like recently something got wrong either in the AlterVista web server or CloudFlare caching/CDN layers and now Packages.gz file (containing repo index and used by opkg) returned by the web server to clients like opkg and wget is actually unpacked on the fly.

So if your opkg fails with “unzip: Invalid gzip magic” error, check out this post for a solution. Continue reading