A bunch of packages added to Edison repo

FYI, I’ve added a bunch of packages like Apache, PHP, MariaDB, fswebcam, mc, coreutils and some other into the package repo today, enjoy them! :) Feel free to provide feedback and ask for new packages in thos Edison Community thread: https://communities.intel.com/message/254806#254806

Changing partition setup on Edison

This is a quick note on how the partitions are setup on Edison and how to change that should you want to. We’re also discussing this in this Edison Community thread. Partitions are setup by the U-Boot script after the so-called “recovery” flashing which reflashes the U-Boot piece. A list of partitions to be created is stored in in edison-src/device-software/meta-edison-distro/recipes-bsp/u-boot/files/edison.env … Continue reading

Edison opkg package repo launched

I’ve just started a package repo for Edison in a similar manner I did one for Galileo. I think that should be a useful service for all board owners who don’t want to build their own images just to add a couple of packages into the OS. All the configuration instructions are here, community discussion thread is here – enjoy … Continue reading