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Edison-based video monitoring system project

As a part of worldwide Edison launch I was invited to showcase my Edison-based project at IFA 2014 exhibition.



The project is a video-based, networked system you can use for security of wildlife monitoring. It uses motion detection software (Motion, too bad they’ve stopped developing it) running on Edison as a core and adds some cloud and social connection in a form of Twitter alerts and Google Drive uploads of the motion frames + stores event data in Xively. There’s also a video streaming of the same video feed through HTTP, so that you can see what’s going on at the monitored location plus a “real-world” connection through the Arduino expansion board’s digital pins (I used LED and buzzer for my one).

You can find additional information and instructions in my GitHub repo for this project.
Feel free to ask for details in comments or in the Project Gallery of the Intel Edison Community, where I’m going to cross-post this too.

Below is a couple of videos in various languages some IFA visitors created with the project setup being demonstrated as well. There’s also a blog post with very nice photos by author of one of the videos.

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