Edison package repo rebase to Release 2.1 BSP

Please note that during the next 2-3 hours the repo may be intermittently failing as I’m uploading the rebased version.

I’ll add an update here as well as post in the Intel Edison Community forum thread when it’s done. Check out this forum post for more details on what’s changed: https://communities.intel.com/message/308347#308347

UPDATE: The upload is done. Please run opkg update and make sure you’re running Release 2.1 image on your board before installing any packages from now on.

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  1. Alex,
    I’ve seen your posts on the Intel Edison community page and hope you can answer my question. My background is hardware design with extensive coding experience in 8051 assembler, some C and more recently, with bringing up the Edison / Arduino breakout, Linux.
    I need to modify the RTC backup battery control register BBCHGRCFG for 3.15volts and 500uA for a Li coin cell battery.
    My host PC is a 3Gig dual core with 8G RAM running XP pro … I have Fedora Linux on an older laptop, but that’s it. I understand I have to do a kernel rebuild, but all the tools seem to run under Linux. Any thoughts ?
    Thanks for your input.

  2. My kernel programming experience is a bit limited, however as far as I understand yes, to be able to call a function exposed by a kernel module (in a way they did it in that pmic file), you need another module. To build theat other module you may just use the toolchain extracted from e.g. the IoT DevKit with Eclipse. Setting up a Yocto build environment is another alternative.

    Your machine specs seem to be ok for installing a VM for this purpose. So you could just take e.g. VirtualBox, install a recommended distro on it and configure the build environment according to the BSP build guide – that should get you going.

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