Edison repo rebased to Release 3.5

It’s that time of the year! In view of Edison’s software release 3.5, I have rebased the repo to its sources. Don’t forget to run “opkg update” before installing any packages.

In this release Intel has updated the Linux kernel (to 3.10.98) and Node.js (to 4.4.3) versions, among the most visible changes. Please note that my repo is not intended for cross-version image update, so if your board currently runs a release 3.0 or older, you need to upgrade it to 3.5 first, using the standard process. See the download and instructions on the official Edison downloads page.

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  1. Well, that thread is quite old, there have been other attempts – however I haven’t tried any of them, I’m not all that interested in getting the latest kernel on my Edison (especially given the fact that a lot of things don’t work on those kernels due to lack of drivers).

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