How to install a kernel from my repo onto Edison with the official image

UPDATE 23-Apr-2015 I’ve slightly updated the instructions for the latest official image – there are no major differences, but nevertheless. In this post I’d like to describe a way to install a kernel from my package repository onto the Edison board flashed with the official image. In my custom build, which is a base for the package repo, I enable … Continue reading

Updated Galileo “devtools” image is out

Here goes the updated devtools image based on Galileo software release 1.0.4. Compared to the previous version, it is based on 1.0.4 (duh :) no longer has Redis installed right away – I figured there’s not that much demand for that and one can always install from the repo has never Node.js (0.10.32) has fswebcam in addition to … Continue reading

Galileo package repo is now only on

As announced a while ago, I’m no longer going to host the package repo on this site due to disk size and traffic limitations as well as inconvenient management capabilities. From today on the only location would be at, which is what you should be using for a while anyway. That one has no limits and much more manageable … Continue reading

Changing partition setup on Edison

This is a quick note on how the partitions are setup on Edison and how to change that should you want to. We’re also discussing this in this Edison Community thread. Partitions are setup by the U-Boot script after the so-called “recovery” flashing which reflashes the U-Boot piece. A list of partitions to be created is stored in in edison-src/device-software/meta-edison-distro/recipes-bsp/u-boot/files/edison.env … Continue reading

Edison-based video monitoring system project

As a part of worldwide Edison launch I was invited to showcase my Edison-based project at IFA 2014 exhibition. The project is a video-based, networked system you can use for security of wildlife monitoring. It uses motion detection software (Motion, too bad they’ve stopped developing it) running on Edison as a core and adds some cloud and social connection in … Continue reading

New location for the package repo, with unlimited storage and traffic

Thanks to Daveman I now have a mirror of the repo on the hosting with unlimited storage and traffic. That’s going to be the primary repo going forward and I’ll keep a copy on this site just for the backup/failover purposes. I’ve already updated the configuration page, so please check it out and modify your settings accordingly. It should result … Continue reading