This repo is not suitable for Galileo.

This is not any kind of an official or Intel-endorsed repo. Packages are compiled with the latest official BSP as the base and I'm doing some basic tests, but as with everything in the Makers world you use that on your own risk :-)

I recommend you to back up all your important data, before installing any packages, that way you should be able to always get back to known working state if something goes wrong.

Edison configuration instructions:

To configure your Edison to fetch packages from this repo, replace anything you have in /etc/opkg/base-feeds.conf with the following (other opkg config files don't need any changes):

===/etc/opkg/base-feeds.conf contents below===
src/gz all http://repo.opkg.net/edison/repo/all
src/gz edison http://repo.opkg.net/edison/repo/edison
src/gz core2-32 http://repo.opkg.net/edison/repo/core2-32

===end of /etc/opkg/base-feeds.conf contents===

3) Run opkg update command and you should see the below output, which means you're successfully communicating with the repo. Do not run "opkg upgrade", that will overfill your rootfs and is not an intended use case for this repo. Upgrade specific packages with just "opkg install <packagename>" if you want to upgrade something.

===example console output===

[email protected]:~# opkg update
Downloading http://repo.opkg.net/edison/repo/all/Packages.gz.
Inflating http://repo.opkg.net/edison/repo/all/Packages.gz.
Updated list of available packages in /var/lib/opkg/all.
Downloading http://repo.opkg.net/edison/repo/edison/Packages.gz.
Inflating http://repo.opkg.net/edison/repo/edison/Packages.gz.
Updated list of available packages in /var/lib/opkg/edison.
Downloading http://repo.opkg.net/edison/repo/core2-32/Packages.gz.
Inflating http://repo.opkg.net/edison/repo/core2-32/Packages.gz.
Updated list of available packages in /var/lib/opkg/core2-32.

===end of example console output===

If you don't see that or have other problems/questions - feel free to post in this Edison community thread.