Site downtime due to free traffic limit reached

I’ve noticed today the site was disabled by AlterVista due to free monthly traffic limit (15GB) reached tonight.

Looks like the site is being quite useful for people and the number of visitors and downloads increases. I’ve increased the limit by 2GB using the free AlterCents they give out upon account creation and if that isn’t enough for this or the next month – I’ll think about enabling some minimal amount of advertising to cover the costs.

Sorry for that downtime, my intent is to keep it running all the time. Seeing that it brings value to people makes for one of the biggest motivators for me :)

On the bright side (and depending on how much exactly that advertising brings) I may be able to enable SSL, which would add a certain degree of confidence no one messes up with the packages you download using MITM techniques. Also maybe add some more disk space, so that I could host more of the useful stuff. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m also going to setup a site monitoring with email alerting, so that I know within minutes if the site is unavailable. AlterVista is good at notifying about limits reached, but it never hurts to have an additional check.

UPDATE 01-Aug-2014: And it hit again in less than a week and the site was down for three days. I’ve just enabled some minimal advertising – we’ll see if that’s going to be enough for covering the traffic costs. My apologies for the downtime!

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